Creighton Community School


Each student who enters our doors shall leave with abundant respect for self and others and the capability to meet the challenges of tomorrow.


To work together to create a student centered environment that fosters healthy living, lifelong learning and responsible citizenship.

Our school resides on Treaty 10 land. The homeland of the Woodland Cree and Peter Ballantyne Cree Nation, signatories of Treaty 6. 


Board Approved Creighton 2023-2024 Visual Calendar.pdf

If your child will be Late or absent...

There is no need to speak to the child's individual teachers. Teachers are instructed to forward all absentee messages to the office. If you would like homework to be gathered for your child, include it in your email, voicemail, note, or mention it when you call.

After school each day, if there are any unexcused lates or absences, our automated messaging system will notify the student's top contact(s) via phone and email.

Student Handbook

23_24 Student Handbook .pdf