Cogwagee Therapeutic Running Group

  • Staff Advisor: Kerrilynn Behrman
    • Who: Grade 4-6 First Nations/Metis students, in accordance with the calls of action youth/sport from Truth and Reconciliation
      • Students must apply and will be selected to join the group based on need
    • What: Running together while learning coping skills and building resilience (CBT, mindfulness)
    • When: Begins in the spring and runs twice per week
    • Where: Outside

Environment Justice League

  • Staff Advisors: Kirsten Fritsch and Erin Gibbs
    • Who: Grade 1-6 students
    • What: Learning about and actively working toward making our planet healthier
    • When: Thursdays during noon hour
    • Where: Grade 1-3 students meet in 2G and grade 4-6 students meet in 4F

SAGA (Sexuality and Gender Acceptance) Group

  • Staff Advisors: Kirsten Fritsch, Catherine Joa, and Aaron Cable
    • Who: All grade 7-12 students, whether queer, questioning, or allies
    • What: Discuss issues related to LGBTQ issues and investigate topics of student interests
    • When: Wednesdays during noon hour
    • Where: Music Room
  • Staff Advisor: Krysta Hammond
    • Who: Grade 7-12 students
    • What: Organize school events, spirit weeks, fundraising, school clothing, etc.
    • When: Thursdays at 1:00-1:20pm (listen to announcements for other meeting times)
    • Where: Nutrition Room
  • Click the link above for more info!

Travel Club

    • Staff Advisors: Wendy Bentley and Mandy Patterson
      • Who: High school students who signed up in Fall 2018
      • What: Taking a big trip to Europe together!
      • When: Spring break 2020
      • Where: Germany, Italy, and Switzerland (see map)

The lucky winner of this year's travel club 50/50 draw was Rauni Berezitzky with ticket #888. Thank you to everyone who supported the trip by purchasing tickets and congratulations to Rauni, who is now $2500 richer!