Cogwagee Therapeutic Running Group

  • Staff Advisor: Kerrilynn Behrman
    • Who: Grade 4-6 First Nations/Metis students, in accordance with the calls of action youth/sport from Truth and Reconciliation
      • Students must apply and will be selected to join the group based on need
    • What: Running together while learning coping skills and building resilience (CBT, mindfulness)
    • When: Begins in the spring and runs twice per week
    • Where: Outside

Environment Justice League

  • Staff Advisors: Kirsten Fritsch and Erin Gibbs
    • Who: Grade 1-6 students
    • What: Learning about and actively working toward making our planet healthier
    • When: Thursdays during noon hour
    • Where: Grade 1-3 students meet in 2G and grade 4-6 students meet in 4F

SAGA (Sexuality and Gender Acceptance) Group

  • Staff Advisors: Kirsten Fritsch, Catherine Joa, and Aaron Cable
    • Who: All grade 7-12 students, whether queer, questioning, or allies
    • What: Discuss issues related to LGBTQ issues and investigate topics of student interests
    • When: Wednesdays during noon hour
    • Where: Music Room
  • Staff Advisor: Krysta Hammond
    • Who: Grade 7-12 students
    • What: Organize school events, spirit weeks, fundraising, school clothing, etc.
    • When: Thursdays at 1:00-1:20pm (listen to announcements for other meeting times)
    • Where: Nutrition Room
  • Click the link above for more info!

Travel Club

    • Staff Advisors: Wendy Bentley, Ryan Gray, and Mandy Patterson
      • Who: High school students who signed up in Spring 2019
      • What: Taking a big trip to Europe together!
      • When: Spring break 2020
      • Where: Germany, Italy, and Switzerland (see map)

Travel club is currently selling 50/50 tickets to raise money for their trip! Contact the school (or any travel club member) to buy your ticket today.

Tickets are $5 each and 1000 tickets were printed. Half the proceeds will go to the travel club, and one lucky winner will receive the other half. That's right, if all tickets are sold, you could have a chance at winning $2500!

The winning ticket will be drawn on Friday, December 20th at 12:00pm.