The library is open to all grades, pre k to 12.

Browsing the library:

  • Go to the CCS Destiny Discover homepage. Here, you can view recently added books, popular books, and browse by topic.

  • At the top of the page, search for any book title or author name. For more search options, click the zoom magnifying glass and enter additional information. Click any book’s title to see more information

  • All books are coded with green IN or red OUT labels in the top left corner. All books marked IN are available to be checked out.

  • Once you have chosen a book, open the book’s details page (by clicking the book’s title), click the drop down option next to Share, click Copy, and then paste it into an email and send it to and You can also type the title and author into the email if you prefer. Our library staff will then check the book out for you and bring it to the office for you to pick up.

  • Coming soon: Destiny Discover works quite well on mobile, but there is also a mobile app! The app can show you any of your currently checked out books (including overdue ones), as well as your previously checked out and returned books. As soon as usernames and passwords have been created, we will notify you so you can download the app.